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Some call them case studies. We think client “challenges met” or “goals crushed” sums it up better. Whatever name you use, they’re stories of marketers who dared to Go Beyond “business as usual” and were rewarded with a breathtaking view from the summit.

Base camp

We’re the digital agency that innovative companies trust to guide them along new routes to enhanced consumer interactions and all the success that increased engagement delivers. Think of us as your brand sherpa.


Eisenhower Health

This journey began with establishing Eisenhower Health’s employer brand through our proprietary process. From that foundation, an advanced portal, user-friendly career website and highly targeted, multi-channel talent acquisition process took them to the top of healthcare recruitment.

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Branding Legacy

A corporate logo is one of the most important visual elements of a brand and ultimately becomes a significant factor when determining the value of an entity. We’ve been honored to design countless logos for a range of clients and industries that has led to invaluable brand equity. Below is a selection of a few of our most memorable logos.

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Torrey Pines Scientific

Selling precision equipment requires instilling confidence in prospects with a flawless user experience. To lay the groundwork for Torrey Pines Scientific’s online store, we created a new, customized eCommerce site to improve the “buyer’s journey.”

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E3 Housing

Transforming their brand, creating a highly immersive online eCommerce learning platform and marketing it to maximize awareness and adoption is all part of the course we plotted for E3 Housing to reach the peak of the affordable housing and compliance space.

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When your client achieves 400 downloads the first month that their software is in the App Store, and subsequently proclaims you “digital marketing geniuses,” it’s probably safe to say, “Mission accomplished.”

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Wedgewood Weddings

This client came to L7 Creative looking for the most effective way to market “I do.” We executed a full rebrand and website redesign, and developed an integrated digital marketing plan for this highly regarded national brand.

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Updating a well-known retail brand without confusing or alienating their audience is challenging. But we did precisely that, including creating brand standards guidelines to keep their image sharp and launching a beautiful new website.

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This client came to us to help create and launch their new CBD-infused kombucha beverage. We created a vibrant brand identity, packaging, e-commerce website and social media program to take the supplement drink category by storm.

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We’ve come a Long Way. Care to join us on our next adventure?

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