UPC - Universal Product Code

When we produce your CD a UPC will be supplied, if one is needed, as part of our service.  If you only want a
UPC we can supply one for $25.00.

Understand that where ever you get your UPC, you are basically using an available code that the company
supplying it has paid for in advance and pays to maintain each year.  All companies that wish to issue UPCs
that have their registered name as part of the code must purchase the rights to use the numbers and then pay
a renewal fee each year to maintain them.  The minimum registration/application cost is $750.00 and the
minimum annual renewal fee is $150.00.  So, getting a UPC for free when you have us produce your CD or
paying just $25.00 for one is quite a bargain.

For information on getting your UPC, call us at 352-613-6970 or use the "Contact Us" selection.  We will need
to know the name of your album and the order and name of all the songs it contains along with its release date.
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