Good Medicine - This is Sybille's debut
album.  Since its release her performance
have been in high demand.

Sybille's idea behind this release was to give
what the title says, Good Medicine, to those
who need the tranquility that many
experience when listening to the soothing
sounds of the native flute.

Good Medicine contains 12 tracks totaling
almost 43 minutes of flute medicine.  The
album was re-released in 2011 with a bonus
track added that previewed one of the songs
from the then still unreleased album,

Serenity - This is Sybille's second
release.  It carries on in the same tradition
and spirit as Good Medicine.  In this album
Sybille shows that she is not just a typical
player of the native style flute.  This album
demonstrates much more of her versatility
as both an artist and as a composer though
she will tell you she writes and composes
nothing more than what the Creator's Living
Spirit sees fit to reveal to her.

Serenity consists of 21 tracks totaling a
staggering 79 and one half minutes of
playing time.  In addition to her solo work as
a flutist, this release contains tracks
performed with other artists.  In it she
performs with our producer, Mike WhiteWolf
Serio, John Two Flutes and her mother.

Some of the tracks, A Winter's Wanderings
and Prayer Dance, have placed in both the
top 10 and the top 40, based upon listener's
votes, on OurStage, an MTV partner.

Serene - This is Sybille's long awaited
sequel to her award winning release
"Serenity" which won her a NAMMY  for
Best Native Heart Release of the Year
in the 14th Annual NAMA Awards.  

Released in late December of 2013, Serene
continues in a similar spirit to its
predecessor but with many of Sybille's
writings included in the form of spoken word
tracks backed with her renowned flute style.  

Since the release of Serenity much has
changed in Sybille's life and career and
these changes are reflected in her words
and music.  Two tracks were recorded live
at one powwow where Sybille performed an
improvisational set with our producer.  One
of those tracks was found to fit a particular
poem Sybille had written a few years
previously titled "Loving You."  That track
appears twice on the release; once as the
instrumental as it was created and again
with the words to Loving You added.
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