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Siamo Serio - We're Serious - Itsula Utlayolisdi
Veterans Final Role Call

This is a way of remembering and honoring those veterans
who have passed away over the previous year.  Sometimes
veterans who have died in the line of duty regardless how
far in the past are also included.

Frank Silverhawk calls out the final roll.  He will call out
each name twice.

After the second time the name is called Mike WhiteWolf
replies is a clear voice, "Not present."

This is repeated with every name that appears on the roll.

"It is a small thing we do to remember a large thing they
did." Says Mike WhiteWolf.

In 2011, Frank Silverhawk had to call out the name of his
own daughter, a Gulf War veteran.
After the final roll call has been
completed Frank and Mike play
taps as a duet.

Following Taps, Mike plays a
memorial song "Atsilvquogi"
which means Honor in the
Cherokee language.

Atsilvquogi is always dedicated
to all who have fallen.
Flag Crossing Ceremony

This follows the final roll call and honor songs.  It was
originally started in 2007 when the Post Master of the
Archer post office asked Frank Silverhawk about properly
putting to rest the flag that had flown over the post office
for many years.  With the help of some senior veterans
Frank found someone who knew and had experience with
the proper protocols.

In the years since then the crossing ceremony has
increased to often include several dozen flags from both
private and public sources.  The flags range from those
flown over government buildings to funerary flags.

As is obvious from the photos shown here, the protocols
used are the ones for the cremation of the flags rather
than those for the burial of flags.  Since it started in 2007
members have SilverWolf have participated every year.
SilverWolf - AdelaunegvWaya                             

It is hard to believe that SilverWolf (AdelaunegvWaya) has
been together for an entire decade.  It was back in early 2003
when Frank Silverhawk and Mike WhiteWolf Serio played their
first gig together - a private party along the banks of the
Withlachoochee River.

Prior to that performance the two had rehearsed several older
rock, folk and country ballads adding their own "native twist"
to the arrangements.  However, after performing just a few of
those songs the duet started improvising on the spot and what
resulted became the first two songs they wrote together
under the name SilverWolf.

It wasn't long after that when the two got a gig to perform as
part of a new business Grand Opening celebration.  During
that performance some words started to come to them as they
played those two improvisation songs.  Next thing they know
they have a third new song, a flute song that came about,
again, out of some improvisation.  

As fortune would have it, they took a portable, studio 4-track
recorder with them and recorded part of that one set to use
for their own reviewing.  When several of those attending the
opening found out that part of that performance had been
recorded they sent many requests for a copy.  So, Mike did a
little bit of mixing and clean up on the tracks recorded and
what resulted was SilverWolf's 1st CD, a demo release titled
"Igostagisdi" which means "to eat raw" in the Cherokee
language.  The two claim to have selected that title because
they felt the quality of the recording was . . . well . . . raw, a
not held by those who requested copies.

Judge for yourself.  Here are 2 tracks from "Igostagisdi"
Brothers of the Wind & WhiteWolf singing Wondering Aloud
Above: Frank (left) Mike (right) Photo taken in February, 2010

Below:  Frank (left) Mike (right) Photo taken in February, 2003