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Siamo Serio - We're Serious - Itsula Utlayolisdi
Tali - This is SilverWolf's debut release.
Of the tracks that contain vocals, all but one
is in Cherokee.

Tali has been distributed not only in the USA
but in China and Australia as well.

Most members of SilverWolf's audience and
fans describe this CD's effect as "Taking a
chill pill."

Tali contains 11 tracks totaling almost 45
minutes of SilverWolf's unique style of
combining the sounds of the native flute,
drum, guitar  and voice amidst a background
of nature's own music.

Included in the front panel of Tali's CD case
is a small booklet that gives the translation
of the Cherokee lyrics into English.  The
book also shows how the Cherokee is
written in the Tsalagi script as well as in the
English equivalent syllables.

Kamama - This is SilverWolf's second
release.  In this release the sounds of guitar,
flute, drum and voice are joined by the
voices of synthesizers and New Age style
compositions.  It is also this release that
debuts SilverWolf's newest member, Nic
Lone Wolf.

Kamama is the release that contains the
song for which SilverWolf is best known,
"Ode To Duc* Tape: (aka: The Duck Tape
Song).  Like Tali, Kamama contains 11
tracks and plays for approximately 46
minutes of music.
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Nominated for Best Historical/Linguistic Release
of the Year in the 14th Annual NAMA Awards