At this time Serio Sound is proud to offer the following services:

High quality, low noise analog and digital recording services for the single artist or small groups of up to four.  We have modified our setup a few
times to accommodate larger groups or groups with full drum sets, mainly rock and blues bands, but the bulk of our work is with the Native, Folk
and New Age artists.

All recording work is done with boards and interfaces that produce noise free, CD quality sound.  Depending on what the artist needs, recordings
may be conducted in either analog or digital format.  Analog recordings are transferred to the studio processing computer in high density format
(24bit at either 48KHz, or 96KHz) and with CD quality noise suppression.  Mixing and mastering is likewise performed in high density audio format.  
The final master, for replication purposes, will be in standard density format (16bit - 44.1KHz).  A high density data master will be provided upon

This service is available whether you make your recording with us or somewhere else.  When you record with us the mixing and mastering is part of
the package.  We can't deliver a final master without performing these steps.  For those who have tracks recorded elsewhere and need to have
them mixed, mastered or re-mastered, we offer our services to produce a new stereo master.

Your tracks you provide can be on tape or CD.  If possible we would ask that any tracks submitted on CT be on a high quality, high bias, XL quality
tape such as Maxell XL II.  If your tracks are on a standard bias tape we can still transfer and convert them into digital format but additional costs
may apply as additional noise conditioning and signal processing are sometimes required when using lower quality cassettes as the track source.

Except for when tracks are provided on CD and are already in standard density format (16bit - 44.1KHz), we perform our mixing and mastering in
high density format (24bit at either 48KHz or 96KHz).  Once the final mix is finished the file is converted back to standard density format so that you
can replicate it.

Now that you have a master from which you can make CDs you will need to have a case complete with labels and artwork to commercially package
your music.  It doesn't matter if you did your recording and mastering with us or with someone else, we can design and deliver a professional,
commercial CD package you will be proud to call your own.

We have used artwork provided by the artist as well as artwork we generated.  For one release we used artwork from the public domain per the
request of the artist.  It doesn't matter if you have artwork or like what we have available because we can arrange to have custom artwork created
for your CD.  All you have to do is let us know the sort of theme you want and we will contact one of the graphic artists we know.  Whatever they
create for you is yours and yours alone.

We can provide both full sized and slim jewel case layouts.  Our full sized jewel case designs come with a standard, 4 panel tray layout.  We can
provide both full sized and slim jewel case layouts.  Our full sized jewel case designs come with a standard, 4 panel tray layout.  

An optional 6 panel tray layout is available as well as a 4 panel CD booklet.  The "Tali" release by SilverWolf has both a 4 panel tray and a 4 panel
booklet.  The slim case designs consist of a single 2 panel insert with an adhesive label on the back of the case, if desired.  Adding the label on the
back of the case.back of the case.

Upon completion and approval of the design a finished case is delivered along with the templates and artwork used to create your CD package.  
We can even provide a copy of the software we used as it is free-ware and its creators want you to use their labels and inserts.  If requested, we
can transfer high resolution scans of your finished CD layout onto the PDF templates commonly used by many CD production companies such as
Disc Makers.  An additional fee will apply.

Now that you have your CD master, your artwork, case inserts, labels and the templates used to create them you are ready to have your CDs
produced in whatever quantities you are comfortable ordering.  Currently we offer smaller quantities (100 and under) at an affordable and
competitive price.  We can provide larger quantities as well (up to 1000 at a time) and should soon be able to increase that capacity.

When you contract with us, you are not restricted from contracting with other companies to mass produce your CD.  Some will offer a decent price
for quantities of 500 or less but most give you the biggest discount if you are ordering 1000 and up at a time.  Their prices will no doubt be very
competitive to ours and the majority of them will do an excellent job for you.  What we can provide that they do not is for volume pricing at less than
volume quantities.  As long as you order on a regular basis, even if only 50 to 100 at a time, we can give you a partial or full volume discount.

To put it simply, we can contract with you to produce a larger volume that you can both order and pay for, (increments of 50 or more at a time and
no less than 300 CDs total over 6 months required) and still give you the same volume discount that you would have received had the entire order
been processed as one single order.  We know of no other company that offers this sort of service to the artist.

Need a UPC number for your CD?  Doesn't matter if your CD was produced by us or by someone else, we can tell you how to get a UPC that will
identify your music and track its sales so it can have its place on the Bill Board Charts.  On larger production orders (1000 or more) a UPC is
automatically included at no extra charge.

We have provided audio engineering services for a variety of events including: Culture Fairs, Powwows, Concerts and certain charitable and
religious/spiritual functions both public and private.  In addition to mixing and engineering the sound at your event, we can make a live recording of
the entire program and provide a stereo master ready for production.  

Coming Services in the Works

Currently we offer final masters only in the stereo format.  We have acquired the ability to mix 5.1 surround sound masters in the DTS format.  We
are in the process of working with the software to be sure we can properly mix and balance tracks for surround sound.  In other words, we won't
offer the service until we are sure we can deliver a quality result.

A note about our hardware and software:

Our studio computer is an AMD based quad core system running at 2.6GHz with 8GB of RAM.  It has a high resolution audio capacity of 24 bits at just under 200KHz sample rate.

Our field unit is an Intel based dual core system running at 1.6GHz with 2GB of RAM.  It has a high resolution audio capacity of 24 bits at a 96KHz sample rate.

Each unit employs both the Sony Sound Forge/Sonic Foundry series and Steinberg Cubase for mixing and mastering functions.

Analog recording uses a Tascam Mk424 series, 4 Track recorder.  This unit records as quietly as direct digital recording.

The PA system we employ is a Peavey XP 8300, 600W RMS with Peavey PR15 (400W RMS Continuous) passive loudspeakers.
We also use Mackie, Tascam and Behringer sub-boards as needed in conjunction with our PA system.
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