Frank Silverhawk is a classical trained pianist as well as a flutist, song writer, vocalist and leather
smith.  He is well known in the general southeastern region as an Emcee and Story Teller for many
different powwows and other cultural events.  His environmental program, Keepers of the Land, has been
presented in the Citrus County school system to children from Elementary to High School.

Mike Whitewolf has performed in concert with native artists from both North and South America.  His
only formal music training came in the form of voice lessons while he participated in a classical choir.  The
rest what he knows about playing guitar, flute and keyboards, he taught himself.  Not just an artist, Mike is
an experienced engineer and producer.  Mike has also worked as an AD for various powwows from central
Florida to eastern Ohio.

Nic Lonewolf (not pictured), eldest son of Mike Whitewolf, has formal music training on the oboe which
he played as part of his school's classical orchestra.  He taught himself guitar and bass.  He brings many of
the ambient instrumental compositions to the group.

The group started in 2003 with Frank and Mike making performances through out central Florida.  They
are the first, and so far the only, native group to ever open one of the Florida State Parks.
Sybille Hummingbird

Sybille hails from Berlin, Germany.  She is not native and makes no such claim.  She became familiar with
native customs after her marriage into a Cherokee family and later when she was taken in by a Creek
(Muskogee) band.  It was that family who gave her the name Hummingbird after she learned how to play
the Native style flute.

Though she is not native, she has learned something of native culture and native flute in particular.   When
performing at powwows she always conducts herself in a way that shows her deep respect for native
traditions.  She refuses to place performing and compensation over culture and traditions.

Sybille's music is filled with the true spirit of the flute.  Her melodies are haunting, uplifting and always
relaxing.  She is a favorite at any event she attends and is often in demand even if just to make a quick,
impromptu performance when the committee finds out she is on the grounds.  Powwows are not the only
venue for this artist.  She has been part of the featured entertainment at festivals and other public events.

A track from her debut release "Good Medicine" is being used in collaboration with Silver Wolf for one of
their their latest tracks titled "The Elders."  Excerpts from Sybille's song "Council" have been combined with
the latest spoken word composition by Frank Silverhawk to create a sound-scape that takes one to the
night campfires of two Cherokee men who are waiting for a storyteller to arrive.
Above: Frank Silverhawk (left) and Mike WhiteWolf (right)
Cody Blackbird

Cody has lived with native traditions all of his life.  Born as Eastern Band Cherokee, Cody's family moved
west when Cody was quite young.  Cody grew up in Alaska and later moved to South Dakota.

While in South Dakota he came to know several members of the Sioux Nation and over time learned their
traditions.  That is why when Cody sings his words are Lakota and not Cherokee.

Cody has performed as part of the featured entertainment quite literally around the globe.  He has
performed at powwows, special cultural events and in concert across the USA and across both the
International Date Line and the Equator.  

His debut release "Raven Speaks" won him an official nomination in the Native American Music Awards.  
After the release of his second album with us, "The Journey", he won the Flutist of the Year at the 13th
Annual NAMMYs for both his recorded work and his live performances.

This past year he released his third album, "Wicohan", through a different studio but you can still get it
through us or directly from Cody.  Look him up on Facebook or at  
Cody's Home Page
John Two Flutes Fields

Some may call John a late bloomer because has been playing the native flute for many years yet did not
perform publicly until these past few years.  Like many he has a heritage of mixed blood that includes the
Creek (Muskogee) people.

John has performed as part of the featured entertainment at powwows and other cultural events in various
locations in the Southeast with most of that being in Florida.

He has also performed both in studio sessions and live performances with other artists.  Some of his work
appeared in another Serious Sound release, "Serenity" by Sybille Hummingbird.  John's flute work is
featured in the songs "A Florida Afternoon's Wanderings" and "The Dance."

His debut release "Creekside" was released in March of this year and already has good distribution and a
loyal following.  We are currently looking into submitting it for this years Native American Music Awards
under the Native Heart category.

You can get a copy of "Creekside" directly from John or through us.  Just click on the "Contact Us" tab at
the top of the page and send us an inquiry.
SilverWolf Music  
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Dave White Wolf Trezak

Dave is no new comer to the music scene.  His performances and work a session musician are known to
studios, labels and fans from Memphis, to Nashville, to Phoenix, L.A., way up in Michigan and on down the
Smoky Mountains to the swamp lands of Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.  Google his name and you'll
find out what we already know; that Dave is a multi-talented, all-around musician and entertainer who has
both recorded and performed internationally.

It was our good fortune to meet Dave back in late 2000.  When he was ready to record his last two albums
and a soundtrack for a music video, he came to us.  Then too, Dave is one of the people who helped us get
started with our first set of artists, SilverWolf, by supplying a couple of sets of old audio software.

All seven of his releases are listed on our site and full tracks of his last two releases recorded at our studio
and samples of the other five of his releases.  Once you listen to Dave's "from the heart" delivery you too
will become a fan.