Live Sound - Audio Engineering & Recording

Over the past several years we have provided audio engineering services for many different types of
concerts, shows and events.  Sometimes we use sound boards and PA systems supplied by the client
and other times we provide the equipment.  We even bring plenty of event related music in order to
provide DJ like services so that music is always playing in between the scheduled presentations.

The venues where this work has occurred includes: powwows, private parties, small outdoor and
indoor concerts, religious services, schools and many, many more.  Our largest event was for some
5000 in attendance and our smallest was for only a dozen or so attendees.  Many years ago our
producer mixed sound and ran lights for concerts that had audiences in the tens of thousands.

At some events we have provided recording services while running the live sound.  We have
accomplished this by recording each discrete channel and also by recording the master stereo
sample.  Both analog and digital recording techniques are employed based upon your desires and

Our charges are reasonable and flexible and vary depending upon the venue, location and type of
event.  We have worked for both commercial events (up to $500 plus expenses for a weekend) and
non-profit events (usually at a discounted rate and sometimes for expenses only.  For some part
501-c3 organizations we stand our own expenses.) Our average charge runs $100/day plus
travel, meal and lodging expenses.
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