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God And Country - Dave's tribute to those who
serve us whether under the flag of our nation or under
the banner of God's holy love.

"God And Country" has a great selection of the best of
the old standards in both gospel and patriotic songs.

Delivered with Dave's own unique style, this release
brings Dave's signature to these tried and true selections.

If you are a fan of the faithful gospel songs and patriotic
themes then you will definitely enjoy "God And Country."
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Whispers - This release reflects some of the many
musical influences and styles Dave has worked with
during his long career as a professional performer.  

From country to pop and contemporary to rock, Dave's
career has touched on them all.

The selections on "Whispers" are also among the songs
Dave performs during his various appearances.

If you enjoy the classic pop and contemporary songs of
the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s then "Whispers" is for you.
Dave White Wolf Trezak's Releases
Other Releases by Dave White Wolf Trezak
Long before his association with Serious Sound, Dave Trezak had a long
career in the music industry.  During that time he worked as everything from
a session musician to a headline performer and had recorded and released
several of his own albums.  Among these are:

Medicine &  Wakan  Both of these albums highlight Dave's wonderful style
of playing a Native American flute.  In Wakan, a word meaning "Sacred" in
the Lakota language, Dave also speaks of the sacredness of creation and
how many living things are looked at from a native perspective.

Native Country & Save The Land  These two releases feature much of
Dave's unique style of folk blended with what many call "Outlaw" native
country.  Some of songs from these releases for which Dave is very well
known include: Native American Girl, Save The Land, Pink Alligator and
The Bandito Song.

True Promises  Released as promised by Dave with a blend of music from
the other four releases.  A good sampler of Dave's style.