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Cody Sunbear Blackbird's Releases  
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Raven Speaks
This is the first CD we recorded and
produced for Cody.  He had released one
CD sometime prior to this but this was his
debut release for the 12th Annual NAMA
Awards.  He won an official nomination for
Debut Artist of the Year and went on to the
awards ceremony as one of the five finalist
for that category.

Since its release copies have been sold
world-wide as Cody conducted a small
world tour that included Australia.  He has
criss-crossed the USA many times to
conduct performances from Alaska to
Florida and all points in between.

In this release Cody reveals his talent with
the native flute, drum and voice.  The
volume contains eight tracks and plays for
just over 30 minutes.  Available in CD or
Cassette or a combo of the two.  
The Journey
This is the second CD we recorded and
produced for Cody.  Actually, he was on
the road and had the raw recording work
done elsewhere.  Afterwards he sent us
the raw audio tracks to master, mix and

Performing with Cody on this release is
one of his cousins.  Also, the producer,
Mike WhiteWolf Serio, provided the few
spoken Cherokee words contained in the
song "Homecoming."  

The Journey was submitted to NAMA for
their 13th Annual Awards and Cody not
only won an official nomination but the
award for "Flutist of the Year."

The volume
contains nine tracks and
plays for approximately 30 minutes.  
Available in CD or Cassette or a
combo of the two.
This is the third release that we provided
some work on for Cody.  Actually, all the
tracks and the final mixes/masters as well
as the total CD package production was
provided by a different studio.  Cody has
used our replication services to produce
his CDs.

We must say that the studio involved did a
wonderful job in capturing the real depth of
Cody's style.  They brought out his unique
way of singing via the native flute.

We haven't heard yet if the producer of
this release will submit it for this year's
14th Annual NAMMYs.  We hope he/she
will as this release has an excellent
chance of winning another award for Cody.

The volume
contains thirteen tracks
and plays for approximately 34
minutes.  Available in CD or Cassette
or a combo of the two.