Serio Sound . . .

First there was mono . . .

Then there was stereo . . .

Then came quad in all its forms . . .

And now there is Serio and it is Serious !!!!

Serio Sound/Studios/Production/Records operates on a different principle than many other studios that offer recording and
production services to the amateur and young professional artist.  We do not operate as most record labels do when it comes to
the new and struggling artist.  Our principles stem from the traditions of our families, both Indigenous and European, and the
lessons of truth and honesty they taught and lived.

Our Goal

We aim to provide affordable recording, mastering and production services for both the starting and established artist and to do so without forcing the artist to
sign long term, exclusive contracts or limit their options.  To provide a new approach to recording and publishing music.  An approach that honestly keeps the
artist in mind and allows for an equal share in the profits of their labor.  To not own your music but be a part of getting it out to your listening audience.  It is an
old cliché that is often overused but we are serious when we say that we measure our success by your success.  We're serious - just look at our name.

Our Walk

We understand why artists get so little of the monetary profit from their music.  Major record labels, though they make outstanding profits for themselves, have
rather high overhead costs.  They front all the expenses for the tours and all the promotion necessary to push their signed artists into the top 100 and
hopefully the top 10.  This is why the artists sign over copyrights and accept a fraction of the total business volume that results from their music.  All this being
said and true, it does not excuse the current, standard reduction in an artist's share of the profits nor does it excuse how some artists are treated in many
other aspects of their career.

We don't believe in doing business like that.  We set up simple, non-exclusive contracts that allow both the artist and us to share equally in the profits.  We will
not try to own you or your music.  You retain your copyright for your music.  All we have is your signed license to use it for promotion and sales.  Our formula
for determining what the artist receives from any sale we handle for them is simple: (Sale Price - All Costs) ÷ 2 = equal share.

That's right, we split the net profit 50/50 with you, the artist.  In addition to this you are unrestricted in how much additional marketing you wish to pursue

No exclusive contracts required!

In fact, we don't even have such a contract drawn up as an option.  Our intent is not to own your music but to be a part of getting it out to the public in a
professional package ready for marketing.  Our only requirement is that you do not give exclusive rights to a third party on any of the material we produce for
you.  Even with this stipulation, consideration is made for the possibility of your unbridled success bringing you into the notice of a major record label or
producer who may require exclusivity as part of your contract.

You are free to openly market your music CDs by whatever method you find the most effective.  You can sell them direct, sell them via web sites, sell them
through your local stores and those are just a few possibilities.  

You can also produce as many as you can on your own.  Whether by yourself or through one of the many disk making services available, you can make them
as you need them and not have to get them from us at all.  

Get the idea?  See the picture?   Unlike with major record labels, you are not restrained by any exclusive agreement that would limit your own entrepreneurial

No long term signing required!

Many record labels and production companies will require a five year exclusive contract before they will start to work for you.  We only use two year contracts
though if agreeable to all parties a five year agreement is an option.  So, we generally only ask for a two year, non-exclusive license to produce and market
the material you have recorded and/or produced through us.

To date we have recorded one native based band and two native based artists and produced CDs for their own distribution and sale.  We have also provided
the recording and engineering services for two additional national recording and performing artists.  We've produced five demo releases and three commercial
album releases one of which is up for a possible NAMMY nomination.  

Highly experienced technical personnel.

Our technical personnel have many years of experience that spans from the early 1970s to today.  From the days when 16 and 24 track reel-to-reel tape
machines were the state-of-the-art to the laptops and desktops of today, our engineers have the experience to make sure your master is up to professional

Our chief engineer even has experience designing and developing audio and special effects circuits at the board and component level.  Many of his designs
were and are used for the synchronization of light shows and special audio/visual effects with live musical performances.

Low cost studio/recording fees!

Most studios will charge $100 and hour or more.  A few that try to keep the artists expenses down will only charge $50 an hour.  Unless the artist is 100%
ready and can do all the recordings in a single take the whole recording process usually takes 16 to 30 hours for the average 40 minute CD release.  At even
just $50 and hour that adds up fast.

We do not charge by the hour.  Instead, we charge by the session and a session consists of 4 hours studio time.  This includes all the setup and prep that
may be required to get the artist ready to record.  This sort of setup involves the artist's instruments and any digital preparation that may be necessary for any
background music or sounds the artist wishes to use in the recording.  We find that most artists only need 3 to 5 sessions to complete their recording and
sometimes less.  One artist who needed only one take on each song was finished in just under 2 sessions.

So, by now you are asking yourself; OK, what's the cost for a session?  That varies a bit depending on if the session is for a single artist or a small group.  
Depending on what it takes to accommodate the artists and their instruments, the session fee will fall somewhere between $50 and $100 with most single
artists falling at the lower end of that scale.

Low cost production and packaging design/development.

What about the artwork and the CD case?  That is part of the production process if the artist wishes to use that service.  We can select and, in some cases,
design the artwork for your total CD package, delivering to you a fully developed, final release and master complete with commercial packaging.  We know
third party services that will supply the release with its own UPC and we are working toward being able to supply those ourselves.  

As with our recording services, we do not set fees at the current industry standards.  Instead, we keep the costs down so that the artist will not have to pay
fees in the thousands of dollars.  Generally, our production and packaging services run between $50 and $550 depending upon which packaging style is

Were are we located?

Along the Nature Coast in Citrus county, Florida.  That's about 75 miles north of Tampa and not far off US19 as one enters the town of Crystal River.   

If this sounds interesting, you can reach us by either using the "Contact Us" button near the top of the screen or by calling 352-613-6972
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