We've had many changes over the past few years. You will notice changes to our
order page as well as our artist pages. We are no longer able place music
directly on our site due to security risks and pirating. Links to artists music will
now be via our replication service, Kunaki. This also allows you the option
of purchasing the music online either by the album or by the song.

We are pleased to announce that we can now take:
CREDIT and DEBIT Cards, PayPal, Check, Money Order
and even
$$ CASH $$
(See Our Order Page For Details)

Congratulations Sybille Hummingbird on winning the 14th Annual
NAMMY Award for Best Native Heart Release of the Year

Sybille Hummingbird's new release, "Serene", was released in late
December of last year and has been submitted for the 15th Annual NAMMYs.
"Serene" is the first release under Sybille's own label Bille Records.
Sybille is now registered with BMI as are all her works.

SilverWolf's  remastered version of their debut release "Tali" received
an official NAMA Nomination for the Best Historical/Linguistic Release of the Year.
Their upcoming release "Tlayaquanata" will be released later this year.

Also, SilverWolf's remastered release of their second album, "Kamama" was
nominated for Best New Age Release of the Year for the 15th Annual NAMMYs.

In 2013 Serious Sound recorded and produced a new artist, John Two Flutes Fields.  
His debut release "Creekside" received an official NAMA Nomination
in the Native Heart category of the 14th Annual NAMMYs.

We are pleased to present two great flute makers that many of us at the studio and many of our artists know quite well.  
Their flutes can be heard in several of the releases we have produced.  The artisans are Joey Hill and Daniel Arrington.

We enjoyed seeing them both and test driving their latest flute creations as this year's Alligator Warrior Fest at O'Leno State Park
in October.  Sybille Hummingbird was in attendance along with Frank Silverhawk and our producer as the flute music flowed.

You can find Joey Hill by dropping him an email at flsketcher@ yahoo.com
Daniel can be reached at dan@nlss-flutes.com or at his business web site
Northern Lights - Southern Spirits Flutes www.nlss-flutes.com

We are proud to have recorded and mastered the audio track for the latest music video by
David White Wolf Trezak for His rendition of: "It's Midnight" (See Video Below)

We are also proud to have been involved with Dave's newest two releases:
God and Country, a set of patriotic / gospel selections and
Whispers, a selection of older and newer standards delivered as only Dave can.

Dave and his wife, the lovely Miss Vicky, have been touring all over the lower 48 over
the past several years.  To find out if they may be appearing in your neck of the woods
check them out below. They perform at a wide range of venues from VFWs to VA
Retirement Homes and Hospitals, to Moose Lodges to local night spots and more.

Take a look around, check out our artists and enjoy.
Afterwards, we look forward to hearing from you.
Whether to place an order or to simply make inquiries
or comment about this site, drop us a line or give us a call.
Welcome, Benvenute, Ulihelisdi to Serio Sound
Mike WhiteWolf Serio (Our Producer)
With Sybille Hummingbird at the
Leesburg Veteran's Powwow 12/03/2011
Performing "Loving You"
Dave White Wolf Trezak of
Trezak Entertainment
Music Video "It's Midnight"
Computer Generated Video of
John Two Flutes' "Tears For What Was Lost"  
Video Generated using G-Force
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Here are some examples of the music and work from our artists and production clients.
Do you have some music you are ready to record but the cost of studio time has made you delay
getting a CD made?  We provide recording services designed with the starting artist in mind.

Recordings can be made in either analog or digital.  We use only those boards, interfaces and systems
computer in high density format and with CD quality noise reduction.  Mixing and mastering is likewise
performed in high density audio format.  The final master, for replication purposes, will be in standard
density format.

Some artists already have their background music recorded and simply wish to record their voice and
have the two mixed.  On a couple of occasions the artist did not come to us, we went to the artist's
home with a small, portable unit.
Already have some tracks recorded but need them mixed and
mastered?  We can take care of that for you as well.  Using
only the best in digital audio processing tools and mixing
functions, we will make the best possible master for your

Get anything from a simple demo to a full album release
recorded and produced.

Contract for only the number of CDs you can afford and still
get wholesale prices.

No royalty or other long term fees or contracts involved.  
Simple terms for any marketing performed to sell your release
in various markets.
Need a professional, commercial package for your CD?  
Whether you record with us or with someone else, we can
design and deliver a top quality CD case design, complete
with artwork and templates, that you will be proud to put on
the market.

We can transfer your final CD inserts and labels into most
PDF based templates used by many CD/DVD production firms.

If you want to print out some of your own we can provide you
with the same software we use.  It is free-ware and the
company that supplies it will appreciate it being given out.

It makes no difference if you plan to have us produce your
CDs or plan to have them made elsewhere we will always
deliver a high quality package that is production ready.
For more information you can click on the Contact Us selection on the menu bar at the top of the page and send us a request
or you can call us at
352-613-6970.  A look at the Our Services link will provide you with a basic idea of what we have to offer.
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Serio Sound and Serious Sound Studio and Production - providing affordable, no strings attached, recording and production
services for artists primarily in the World, Indigenous, New Age, Ambient/Chill and Folk genres though we work with other genres as well.
"First Signs of Light & Face of the Rising Sun"
This video was created by our producer.
It contains the first 2 tracks from SilverWolf's
latest release "Tlayaquanata."
 Ehiyahv - Come on In
Demo by  Mike WhiteWolf